SU-27 Russian Air Forc Paris le Bourget 1989 1:72 HA6003

Manufacturer:  Hobbymaster
Material: Diecast metal
Length:  cm.  Width:  cm

In 1989 the Soviets revealed their new Sukhoi Su-27 at the Paris Airshow. Two variants
of the aircraft were on display, Su-27 Flanker B Blue 388 and Su-27UB Blue 389. Blue
388 was given Sukhoi bureau number T10-41 but for the Paris show 41 was painted
over with the new number 388. During the show test pilot Viktor Pugachev demonstrated
a maneuver called the Cobra that later would be referred to as the Pugachev Cobra.
The aircraft was capable of raising the nose 120 degrees and hovering in that upward

SU-27 Russian Air Force Paris le Bourget 1989 1:72 HA6003

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