F-14A US Navy USS Saratoga 1:72 HA5215

Manufacturer:  Hobbymaster
Material: Diecast metal
Length:  cm.  Width:  cm

VF-74 ���������??Be-Devilers���������?��������� Grumman F-14A Tomcat 162707 c/n 553 AA101 assigned to the
USS Saratoga was on a NATO training exercise over the Mediterranean on April 30, 1987.
During the exercise 162707 detected a target, USAF RF-4C 69-0381, supposedly an enemy
aggressor. The F-14 pilot heard the ok to fire, checked with his RIO who said ���������??Yeah, go ahead
and shoot him���������?���������, thinking the pilot would make an exercise shot call instead he fired a live
Sidewinder downing the RF-4C. Miraculously everyone survived but 162707 crashed in 1993

F-14A US Navy USS Saratoga 1:72 HA5215 1.4kg

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