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F-5E Swiss AF Staffel 6 1:72 HA3329

F-5E Swiss AF Staffel 6 1:72 HA3329

Manufacturer:  Hobbymaster
Material: Diecast metal
Length:  cm.  Width:  cm
Note:The 931st Japanese Naval Air Group was established on February 1, 1944 andassigned the designation KEB. Kushira Air Base on Okinawa began with the purpose oftraining pilots, navigators and ground crews. Later during WWII with Japan now losingthey resorted to Kamikaze attacks with Kushira becoming the third largest Kamikazebase. In April 1945 B5N2 Kate KEB303 was assigned the task of Anti SubmarineWarfare and later assigned to a training unit ended up saving the aircraft from the U.S.assault on Okinawa. 363 Kamikaze pilots from Okinawa were lost.

F-5E Swiss AF Staffel 6 1:72 HA3329

SKU: HA3329

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